Tale of Astahm Village

Known for village of Adhikari people, their coming to Astam goes far back to Karnali Region of Nepal. Two people from Dolpa district had to flee to Kaskikot because of famine. They lived under assistance of king of Kaskikot. One day he called a great ritual of king’s Dynasty in his palace.

Many hermits came to make the ritual successful. However when lighting of sacred fire came, they invited someone to bring fire to palace. Listening to this, the Dolpa people laughed. When laughed in issue of palace, they were arrested.

Then they were questioned. They then told that in Dolpa all people can kindle a fire at will. If in king’s palace if noone can do we were tempted to laugh. When put to test, they easily lighted the sacred fire.

The then king then promised to grant lands that they could walk into the very next day (In order to get rid of outright magicians). Next day they started running from Kaskikot to Naudanda to Dhampus to Dhital to Astam. When arrived in Astam(अस्तःम), they saw sun setting down. So they named it “Sunset Village” or Astahm (अस्ताम).