Medical personnel Rajwinder
Rajwinder Kaur

I was a volunteer at Astam and stayed here for a good month of November 2014. I was very happy that Mystique was able to provide me comfort I needed after a long day of volunteering. The rooms downstairs are huge with attached bathrooms (It is considered a luxury if one can find this on the mountains). Hot water was available when the sun is up as solar power is used. Food was good and the Chef, Gorakh was willing to try new recipes on my recommendation.

The owners are lovely people- Nanda Lal who was ever willing to accept suggestions to better the place, Radha who was so motherly with me and Anup who was willing to take me hiking.

Rajwinder in traditional nepali house kitchen
Lassi (mohi मोही) Preparation

The view from the balcony on the top floor is amazing especially at dawn and dusk. Visitors can go view the buffalo milking session in the morning and even try it for themselves. Also, try out the lassi making technique. There is a vast land filled with flowers and plants.

Very tranquil, serene and peaceful. Wifi is available, however the device got hit by lightning and took time for internet to be restored when I was there. Power cuts are normal, however, this place has back up lighting in the rooms. Prices are very affordable considering the comfort.

A place I will definitely return to someday;)

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